Student Housing Wageningen

Student Housing Wageningen

Are you ready to make your own decisions and have a space all for yourself? Then fixing yourself a student room or residence is the perfect option. We, at ROOM, are here to help you through the house searching adventure in Wageningen. 

This is how you find student housing

With our handy five-step plan you will find your palace that meets your wishes and preferences:
At ROOM you build up registration time. The longer you are registered, the more chance you have to find a place of residence. That is why you should register now! Pay 35 euros once and build up your registration period. You can register from the age of 16. After registration, you will be able to snatch up a place via ROOM, for a period of 8 years. 

Wageningen seen from the air

Are you considering studying in Wageningen next academic year? Then fly over the city and get to know Wageningen and a selection of the Idealis student buildings.


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What to do in Wageningen

To start off, there are a lot of choices on where to eat: from food pub to haute cuisine, with food from across the world. Without Hotel Mom & Dad, you will not go hungry after all. Are you more of a party animal? Then you surely cannot wait for the events and festivals that take place in Wageningen. Check out the three-day Blues festival that takes place in some of the cafes. Or go to the Bevrijdingsfestival on the 5th of May, the biggest event to take place in Wageningen. Looking for some peace and quiet after all that partying? Choose to chill one of the cinemas: from arthouse cinema to blockbuster, take your pick. Or get entertained in the Schouwburg or the Junushoff, for a night of cabaret or theater. 

Wageningen is a small town, and that has a lot of advantages. It means you can cycle everywhere within 15 minutes. You never have to worry you oversleep, because you are on campus in no time. Also, did you know that your student room in Wageningen is also very close to natural areas? Go for a stroll or bike ride to the Wageningen meadows, heathlands or forests, they are right around the corner.

Studying in Wageningen

Studying in Wageningen is like being on a world trip, as Wageningen University is very international: the students and teachers account for 120 nationalities. Wageningen University is also much more well-known abroad than it is in the Netherlands. It is one of the best universities in the world when it comes to Life Sciences! That is something to be proud of!

Next to that, Wageningen has a rich student life with many student associations with various areas of interest. There are also some fraternities and sororities, such as SSR-W and WSV Ceres. Moreover, Wageningen has many other clubs and associations you can join, such as for sports and more cultural societal clubs.

Looking for a room in a student house or complex in Wageningen?

Wageningen is the city of liberation. In a way, getting your own place as a student, away from the parents, can also feel like a liberating experience. Your own house, your own rules! However, it can still be fun to share your home with others. Does that sound like music to your ears? Then check out the student rooms on offer.

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