Student Housing Amsterdam

Student Housing Amsterdam

Are you ready to start a new adventure and to enjoy all Amsterdam has to offer? We, at ROOM, are here to help, together we will tackle your quest for student housing in Amsterdam. Just like Amsterdam, the places on offer at ROOM are diverse.

This is how you find student housing

With our handy five-step plan you will find your palace that meets your wishes and preferences:
At ROOM you build up registration time. The longer you are registered, the more chance you have to find a place of residence. That is why you should register now! Pay 35 euros once and build up your registration period. You can register from the age of 16. After registration, you will be able to snatch up a place via ROOM, for a period of 8 years. 

Your student residence in Amsterdam

Known as Damsko, Mokum and the Venice of the North, Amsterdam is a very popular place to live. So, you are not the only one looking for a student apartment or studio in Amsterdam. Our capital is a hot spot for students. That is why you should start looking for a place to live rather sooner than later. Get a glimpse of life in Amsterdam and maybe soon, you get to take part in it.

What to do in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a vibrant city with many faces. With exciting things happening 24/7. Sometimes that can make you feel like you have too much to do in too little time. You can’t miss the Amsterdam canals, bridges and tour boats, which are responsible for its reputation as the Venice of the North. The streets are always vibrantly busy, making it very ‘gezellig’ (typical Dutch word, difficult to translate, easier to experience).

Despite its size, Amsterdam is easy to reach from your future student residence. Everything you need can be found within walking distance or by public transport. This means you will never be bored between classes. Do you have a little bit more time to spare? Take a deep breath and say the next few sentences at once. Getting your culture fix at the Museumplein, breathing in the fresh air in the Vondelpark, admiring the art in the Rijksmuseum, picking up a slamming new outfit at the P.C. Hooftstraat (of course, after some much needed hours at your job) or the Kalverstraat, or getting a bite to eat at the Leidseplein. Can’t wait for those odd hours to come by!

That which makes the restaurants in Amsterdam so appealing is its diversity: every groups adds a new piece of culture. Very multicultural. Have you always wanted to try world cuisine? Then you are in the right place, with Amsterdam’s nationality count coming up to 175! It may sometimes feel chaotic, but you will definitely get used to this circular city. Sooner, rather than later, you will be able to find your way, blindly. But of course it is a good idea to keep your eyes open. Not just because there is so much to see, but you better watch out in the hustle and bustle of the Amsterdam streets.

Studying in Amsterdam

You will probably already know that Amsterdam has two universities. However, you might not know that the University and the University of Applied Sciences (Hogeschool van Amsterdam) are among the biggest schools in the country. When it comes to student associations, sororities and fraternities, there is more than enough to choose from. One example of a student association is FSA Amsterdam. But there are also sororities and fraternities, such as A.V.S.V, ASDV Bonaparte, SIB-Amsterdam, or AEGEE. There is something for everyone! Becoming a part of one of these associations or clubs can help you get the most out of your student life.

Looking for a room in a student house or complex in Amsterdam?

A student room is a room in a student house, complex, or floor, where you share the bathroom, kitchen and living room. You live together with roommates. In comparison, you can also live independently, in a self-contained apartment, there you have a little more privacy and will not have to share the facilities. Are you excited about living with fun roommates to get the most out of your time as a student? Take a look at the student rooms on offer.

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