Finding your student housing with ROOM

Finding your student housing with ROOM

Welcome to ROOM! We are the student platform that teams up with you, so you can find student housing easily, safely and fairly. We offer you an easy five step plan, tips and an overview of the housing on offer. Have we made you curious? Then, keep on reading!

This is how you find student housing

With our handy five-step plan you will find your palace that meets your wishes and preferences:
At ROOM you build up registration time. The longer you are registered, the more chance you have to find a place of residence. That is why you should register now! Pay 35 euros once and build up your registration period. You can register from the age of 16. After registration, you will be able to snatch up a place via ROOM, for a period of 8 years. 

Student housing on offer

One of the first challenges you’ll have to face when you start your studies in a different town, is the quest to find student housing. With ROOM, you can find student housing in and around Amsterdam, Delft, Den Haag, Leiden, Haarlem and Wageningen. Different providers offer a diverse array of rooms for different prices. That is where ROOM comes in, offering a handy overview of all housing on offer.

In need of a room ASAP?

Fun fact: did you know you can already register and apply for rooms and studios 4 months before the start of your studies? This way, you can start early and increase those chances of finding a room in time.

If you have no time to waste and need a room now, you can choose to - what the Dutch call - ‘hospiteren’. When a room frees up in a student house, the other tenants are allowed to pick their future roommate. In order to choose, they will organize an evening – ‘hospiteeravond’ - in which aspiring roommates come by and introduce themselves. At the end of the night, the current residents choose which of the candidates can come live with them. By joining in on this way of house hunting, you will be able to get a room faster, since you will not have to save up ‘registration time.’

But also, don’t forget to make use of your network. Its reach will most likely surprise you. Consider posting your need for a room on Facebook or join one of the Facebook pages where house listings are shared. Moreover, tell everyone you know you are in dire need of a room: your family, friends and acquaintances. Shout it from the rooftops! 

Your student residence with ROOM

Getting your own place as a student means you will be able to live independently, which means privacy and your own facilities. Below, we offer you a list of cool student towns in the Netherlands, where you will be able to get a hold of the student home you have been dreaming of.

Looking for a room in a student house or complex?

Would you rather share a house with other students, studying together in exam week or partying until dawn? Then check out our student rooms on offer in the best student regions of the country: