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Looking for accommodation now? These are the best tips!


Also curious how you can find a room faster? ROOM has the best tips to help you!

Join interview evenings!

The best way to get a room in a student residence, even in the short term, is by attending accommodation interviews. As soon as a room becomes available, the other students in the residence can choose their new housemate, and the registration period doesn’t play any role. They arrange accommodation interview evenings to find new housemates. All interested parties can come and get to know each other. At the end of the evening you hear whether or not you have a room. Please note: ROOM does not offer rooms yet that are being offered through interviews. You’ll find these rooms at DUWO’s offers. View it here. You could also use your own network to be invited to an accommodation interview night! That brings us to tip 2 ...

Use your network

Because students sometimes don’t want or aren’t able to arrange interview evenings, they go searching in their own networks instead. You could tell your family and friends via social media that you’re looking for accommodation and ask them to share your message. This way you increase the chances of being invited to an accommodation interview evening.

Consider subletting a room

Have you thought about subletting? Maybe not the ideal solution, but it is an excellent stopgap if you live far from the town where you’re studying. For example, you could rent a room from somebody who’s doing their work placement abroad. In the meantime, you can carry on looking. How do you find someone who wants to rent out his room temporarily? Often on social media or through a friend.

Don’t be too demanding

Have you drawn up a list of things that your new room must have? You should always take a critical look at what you’ve put down. Never reject accommodation just because it isn’t located in the town centre. Don’t forget that you can always move into better accommodation later on (your registration remains valid).

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