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Housing benefits – you’re not always eligible...


You know that housing benefits contribute towards your rent and that you’re eligible to apply for it when living away from home once you’ve reached 18 years of age. Housing benefits can save you a lot of money, sometimes over €100 each month. But did you also know that housing benefits depend on your personal situation? And that it doesn’t apply to every type of accommodation?


Housing benefits do not apply to all student accommodation

You can find out which student accommodation is eligible for housing benefits, and which is not eligible at ROOM.nl. To make it even more complicated, the accommodation where housing benefits do apply is divided up into two categories: accommodation for which you are eligible from 18 years of age, and accommodation for which you are eligible from 23 years of age. Are you 22 and are applying for accommodation where housing benefits start at 23? Then you have to wait until you turn 23 in order to receive the housing benefits. It’s therefore important to obtain the proper information before renting accommodation. 


We don’t like complications at ROOM, therefore beside every type of accommodation we show whether housing benefits are available, and also from what age. This way you immediately know where you stand. 


Make a test calculation

Finding accommodation where housing benefits are available does not necessarily mean that you’re eligible. Your application is assessed on the basis of your income, age, living arrangements (e.g. number of residents) and the rent you pay. You should always read the conditions on the Belastingdienst website and make a test calculation (only in dutch) beforehand or get in touch with the Belastingdienst. This way you can find out whether you can afford the accommodation you are considering. 

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