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From now on you can apply for vote-in rooms via ROOM!


New at applying for ‘vote-in rooms’ in a student residence. Find your room and then go to the vote-in.

From now on you can apply for vote-in rooms in student residences and complexes via ROOM.

This means that you can also check out all vote-in evenings! So are you looking for accommodation in a residence or complex with house mates where you share the kitchen, toilet and bathroom? Then visit what’s on offer at


If a room becomes available in a student residence, the residents can sometimes select a new house mate. This is why they invite interested students to meet and get acquainted, after which they will select their new house mate.

The vote-in evenings ensure that the residents in the student house or floor of the complex fit in well with each other. It is not about who’s the brightest, the smartest or the prettiest, but about who is tuned into the right wavelength of the house and its residents. Click here for some tips.

Putting your name down for accommodation

You can apply for these rooms on when you are registered.

You must also be registered as a full-time student with an educational institution (also for work placement and obtaining a doctorate) in the same region to be eligible to rent the room. Full-time international students studying in the Netherlands can also apply for this kind of accommodation. As a new first year student you can additionally obtain accommodation up to 4 months prior to the start date of your studies. 

No registration period

Important: other than obtaining accommodation based on the length of your registration period, by going down this route there is in principle no waiting time involved. Furthermore: housing benefits do not always apply to this type of accommodation (you'll find the information with the add). 

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