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Finding a room during the coronavirus crisis


Fortunately, not everything has changed, and that includes the way you look for and move into a student room. Read more about it here.

Fortunately, not everything has changed

The coronavirus crisis has brought changes to so many aspects of our lives. No doubt your plans will have been affected, too. You probably never imagined that your last few months of school would be like this… But fortunately, not everything has changed, and that includes the way you look for and move into a student room.

The procedure for finding a room is still the same. Our website provides you with a clear step-by-step guide, so that you know exactly what to expect at each stage of your search.

Vote-in procedure
The vote-in procedure is also still in operation. However, for DUWO rooms this now takes place online. The vote-in procedure for Idealis rooms is arranged by the current tenants, preferably via a video call.

You’ve found a room – what next?

Once you have found yourself a room, we will send you further information about picking up your key and so on. If you would like to view your new room, talk to the current tenant. If they feel comfortable about it, the viewing can go ahead. However, you should only view a room if you have no symptoms of Covid-19 and you must adhere to the guidelines issued by the RIVM (the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and Environmental Protection). As things currently stand, you cannot take anyone with you when viewing a room. Another option is to arrange a viewing via a video call, or you could ask the current tenant to take pictures of the room.

Feeling apprehensive about your move?
The coronavirus crisis may be making you feel a little apprehensive about moving into a student room. We totally understand. We want you to know that we have taken a number of measures to prevent any spread of the virus. And, of course, we are also following the RIVM guidelines. It has been great to see that our tenants are keeping to the rules, too. So, while things are different at the moment, it is still possible for you to move to a student room in a responsible way.

If you have any further questions relating to student rooms and the coronavirus, please feel free to contact us. You can contact your landlord directly by going to the  ‘Contact’ page.

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